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Are you planning a trip soon and you're not quite sure if you have everything you need? These are some of my most recommended Amazon travel products that you need to bring on your next vacation!
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1. BrüMate Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1

The Brümate Hopsulator Trio 3-in-1 is a gamechanger to help keep your drinks cold. I seriously LOVE mine and use it anytime I am drinking in the hot sun. It keeps your drinks cold for MANY hours, and lasts 20x longer than the average drink cooler. I've forgotten a drink in the summer heat and gone back to it 6 hours later and it was still cold! It works with tall 16oz cans, regular 12oz cans, and can even be used with the travel mug lid that comes with it. You won't be disappointed! Oh and it comes in SO many different colours! 
2. Portable Hanging Travel Organizer

This product is used to save space and keep clothes clean, it can efficiently pack your clothes, towels and other things. It's a carry on closet. 4-tier luggage organizer for travel make clothes tidy and neat. The compartments made of durable material is designed for placing clothes, towels, shoes and so on.

I seriously love this for sleeping in hotel rooms with bright lights, or poor black-out curtains. As someone who is a light-sleeper, the built-in bluetooth speakers are perfect for my white-noise app. Also great to use on the plane to try to get a little bit of sleep. The battery lasts surprisingly a long time too!

Unlike other travel pillows, this neck pillow with the size of a palm is super light-weighted, the buckle provides a more convenient way to hang the travel pillow on seat backs(Planes and Cars). AND the case is the pump! Super quick and easy to inflate, and it works well!

 Size of the weekend bag: 17.7 "L x 14.6"H x 5.5"W /45x37x14cm. This weekender bags for women with one main compartment, one padded 15.6" laptop compartment, one extra large wet pocket and four other organized pockets, roomy enough for 2-4 days of travel essentials. Such as clothes, make-up, umbrella, toiletries, laptop and other daily stuffs. Perfect for a few days of travel or a weekend trip.

This is my tried and true suitcase of choice! Introducing a line built to take the harshest travel elements. The Samsonite Omni PC combines scratch-resistant textures with the polycarbonate construction, ensuring your luggage looks as great on the 100th trip as it does on the first. Extremely light and visually impactful, this collection takes polycarbonate design to the next level.

Travelling alone makes applying sunscreen to my back SUPER difficult. This has been the biggest lifesaver! A back applicator that easily reaches your entire back. This soft velvet back applicator helps you apply the lotion evenly and smoothly over your entire back. Enjoy a perfect tan!

The waterproof phone pouch is suitable for beach, kayaking, swimming, fishing, sailing, snorkeling and water park activities. (The flotation will depend on the weight of goods and water density. Note: Please remove the thick phone cases (eg.OtterBox) before placing the phone into the bag.)

This Travel Backpack is perfect to use as a carry-on. It is 100% waterproof and has breathable mesh padding, It features a large suitcase-style opening that makes filling it up a breeze. It also has a laptop pocket at the back, a shoe compartment, an additional lined front pocket for your cosmetics, and and anti-theft pocket on the back-side. The straps are padded and there is a strap to attach it to your suitcase! And there are SO many colours to choose from!

These amazing bottles have anti-leak caps and are the perfect size to take in your carry-on! They come in a 4-pack and are PERFECT to store your favourite moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen in an airport-approved size! They come in different colours so you'll know what is in each bottle and won't mix them up. The flexible silicone helps you squeeze every last bit out of the tube to maximize the usage!
11. Microfiber Quick-Dry Towel

If you're looking to save space in your suitcase but want to bring your own towel, these QUICK drying microfiber towels are AMAZING. They come in multiple sizes including a giant XXL (72" x 32") so you can pick the best one for your travel needs. Some choices even come in a pack of two! I love these for drying my hair and for how easy they dry. 
12. Packing Cubes

I love this set of packing cubes to help organize your suitcase! They come in a few different stylish colours so you can pick your fave! The set comes with 8 travel packing organizers including 3 mesh packing cubes, 1 secret packing cube, and 4 packing bags. Perfect for keeping things compartmentalized!
13. Universal Travel Adaptor

This universal travel adapter will have you covered and ready to charge your devices in any country you visit! It has 3 USB, 1 USB type-C, and 1 regular plug for you to charge up to 5 devices at once. 
14. Anker Portable Speaker

This portable speaker has an outstanding sound and battery life for a pretty reasonable price. It is "outdoorproof" which protects it from rain, snow, dust, and spills. It's portability makes it perfect for taking on vacation and listening to music wherever you go! Oh, and you can pair two of them together for even bigger sound.
15. Towel Beach Chair Clips

I LOVE these super cute towel clips for beach and pool chairs. I used to always complain about my towel flying off my chair in the wind, or readjusting in my seat and the towel would fall down. It was so frustrating! These clips will prevent that and will also help you remember which chair is yours if you've stepped away and it's a busy day on the beach!
16. Hanging Toiletry Bag

Keep your toiletries in one place with 4 different interior compartments, including a waterproof compartment to separate your things. The hook is perfect for hanging it up in the bathroom and save precious counter space! I love mine and take it every time I go away. 
17. Tide To Go

If you're anything like me, keeping your shirt clean at dinner is impossible. I've always carried Tide To Go in my purse and it's perfect for vacations as well. You never know when that spill or slop might happen. Might as well have a quick way to clean it up, in your purse or suitcase! 
18. Damp-Rid

Get rid of that humidity in your hotel room! DampRid Fresh Scent Hanging Moisture Absorber attracts and traps excess moisture from the air. The hanging bag design is great for use in closets, laundry rooms, or any space where stagnant air is often a problem. Think of it as a dehumidifier without electricity. Each moisture absorbing bag lasts up to 60 days depending on temperature and humidity.
19. Snorkeling Gear - Mask, Fins, and more!

This snorkelling set is perfect for the beach traveller! The full face masks have become so popular for an easier way to breathe underwater and a better viewing area. You can select your fin size too! This set comes with some nice bonuses too - a snorkel bag to store your gear, a waterproof phone pouch, and a beach towel in an easy carrying bag. I personally don't like using the snorkels at the resort so I will usually bring my own if I plan on snorkeling on vacation. 
20. Stainless Steel Straws

In effort to reduce plastic waste and protect the oceans, many resorts have parted ways with straws for drinks. I personally LOVE my frozen margaritas, pina coladas and frozen mojitos, and drinking these without a straw can be SO challenging. I highly recommend brining a set of reusable straws with you so that you can enjoy your drinks and still be sustainable!

3. Bluetooth Sleep Mask

4. Inflatable Travel Pillow

5. Carry-On Duffel Bag

6. Samsonite Omni PC - Hardshell Checked Luggage 

7. Self Suncreen & Lotion Applicator 

8. Waterproof Phone Pouch

9. Carry-On Travel Backpack

10. Airport-Approved Silicone Travel Bottles

Stay Tuned for More Great Amazon Travel Products!


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